Low-lead and Lead-free

OEM & ODM Valves, Fittings, Plumbing and Faucets Components

Vales & Fittings

OEM & ODM Valves and Fittings

Tech O.E.M. specializes in designing of high quality & performance valves and fittings for plumbing industry use. Listening to clients' needs and following international plumbing standards we develop products just right for your applications, that are safe to use and fair priced. With years of experience in OEM/ODM valves and fittings development we can serve as extension to your R&D department.  


Categories we specialize in:

  • Parts for heating products
  • Thermostatic Valve Bodies
  • Pressure regulating valves
  • Pressure reducing valves
  • Y-strainers
  • Check valves
  • Ball valves
  • Stop valves
  • Fittings



Following the latest trends and regulations, we are focusing on working in lead-free copper alloys, and the DZR brass; however we can also manufacture products of other brass, bronze, and zinc alloys, and also of stainless steel with either through casting, forging, or machining as well as engineering comprehensive fabrications to meet the customer requirements.  All new products are strictly evaluated in our in-house IAPMO certified laboratory to make sure they are reliably developed for the best of performance (to learn more about our lab please click here).


We also offer standard valves and fittings, especially:

  • Ball valves
  • Check valves
  • Gate valves
  • Globe valves
  • Stop Valves
  • Mutli- & Quarter Turn Supply Stops
  • Sill cocks
  • Hose bibs
  • Water heater & boiler drains
  • Other fittings


The products range is specifically chosen to reflect to the most popular items on the market, that match the latest valves and fittings regulations and trends (made of lead-free brass, lead-free DZR brass, push fit fittings). They're designed to be compatible with most popular inlet/outlet types (IPS, Compression, Copper Pipe, Solder Weld, Sweat, PEX, Slip-Joint, Push Fit).


To see the detailed list of this items, please request product catalog with our Sales Staff: 

Plumbing & Faucets

Plumbing and Faucets OEM & ODM Components

Tech O.E.M.'s design and engineering skills go further than valves and plumbing fittings. We also design and manufacture faucets components and even can provide a full faucet unit, ready to sell in retail. To do that we also follow the international standards, making sure the designed products matches market's needs. That is why we are focusing mainly on lead-free and low-lead made items.


Among our capabilities and expertise, are:

  • Plumbing parts
  • Brass faucet bodies
  • Faucet spouts and handles
  • Other faucets parts
  • Assembled faucet units






Being able to produce these quality parts, we can also make a ready assembly for our clients, and supply them with faucet units that are ready to be put on market. We make both residential and commercial use units, that are manufactured in affiliated Chinese factory, but tested in our in-house IAPMO lab (to learn more about the lab, please read here). We can especially offer high quality commercial use faucets and their parts separately. Choosing from a range of body, handle, spout and accessories' types you can create the commercial faucet to suit your needs. 



Residential Faucets categories that we also manufacture, are:

  • Lavatory/Basin Faucets
  • Kitchen Faucets (including Pull-Out, Pull-Down, Mini Pre-rinse)
  • Tub & Shower Faucets (including Roman Tubs faucets)
  • Utility Faucets
  • Bar Faucets

To see the detailed list of this items, please request product catalog with our Sales Staff: