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Engineering & Development

Product Development Working With Lead-Free and DZR Copper Alloys

As an OEM company we work with our clients’ product designs as well as developing new and innovative products for the industry.  In addition, we suggest product improvements and best in class solutions for our customers. The Tech team is well adverse in problem resolution and takes the initiative to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently for all our customers.


R&D starts with choosing the right materials

TECH O.E.M. is taking care of your products starting with the raw material management and procurement. We especially focus on lead-free and DZR copper alloys to meet the changing global standards for products that come in contact with potable water. We also want to take part in creating a healthy and ecological world by making our products more environmentally-friendly.


Samples of Lead-free Copper alloys we work with:

Copper Composition - Lead free
Country USA Japan
Standard Code ASTM JIS


C87800 C6802

Another type of copper alloy that more and more clients has been seeking in recent years, is DZR brass. Its alloys are dezincification (type of selective corrosion) resistant and especially necessary to use in harsh environments.


DZR lead free brass is a very common alloy that many customers are now seeking to use for their products. DZR alloys are dezincification (type of selective corrosion) resistant and especially necessary to use in harsh environments. DZR copper alloys were specially engineered to resist the damaging corrosion caused by zinc leaching, and are becoming more and more common choice for professional users.

DZR Copper Alloys we work with:

DZR Copper Alloys (Cross Reference)
Country USA Australia Europe China
Standard Code UNS AS EN BS (ISO) GB
Lead Brass C35330 AS 352 CW602N
(CuZn36Pb2 AS)
Country USA Japan    

Lead-free Brass

C46500 C6802    
C87850 ECO Brass    

Engineering Capabilities

Tech O.E.M.'s team of experienced engineers work with clients to develop new products specifically for their needs. Combining our drawing and product development capabilities along with the IAPMO test lab facility, we can ensure highest quality and safety of the newly developed items.


Drawing Capabilities:


Product Development:






Every new product follows our extensive product development system. Weekly reviews are conducted until the final customer's approval. New product ideas, can be quickly changed into physical samples and tested in our in-house IAPMO lab for performance and life cycle tests. This allows us to quickly evaluate design elements and apply the necessary changes.


If you're interested in developing a new faucet, valve or other plumbing parts together with us, please use our Contact us Form and select "Interested in: R&D project" 


R&D and Manufacturing Integration

R&D and Manufacturing Integration

TECH O.E.M. strives to be an extension of your company, with the goal of helping you to overcome the barriers of professional R&D and working with overseas manufacturing. We do that through our extensive experience and network of manufacturing, transportation, and in-house quality management professionals. For last four decades, we have been building strategic partnerships with Taiwanese and Chinese manufacturers.  We offer you full range of OEM valves, fittings, faucet components and other plumbing items. TECH O.E.M’s IAPMO lab can test a wide variety of products, allowing our customers to integrate product development, engineering, R&D, manufacturing, quality control, logistics and operations, saving your company time and money.

Our value proposition is very straightforward, designed to make our customer's overseas manufacturing endeavors as seamless as possible.

  • Quality: TECH O.E.M. ensures that the product quality is up to customer standards. We can physically audit manufacturing facilities and using our onsite engineers we can perform quality assurance procedures, saving you inspection costs.
  • Risk Management: TECH O.E.M.'s long standing relationships and broad network of manufacturing partners mitigates customer risk against fluctuations in currency exchange rates, raw material prices, labor constraints, transportation disruptions, and supply chain scheduling problems.
  • Engineering and Manufacturing: TECH O.E.M. can help you lower the costs of global sourcing by integrating engineering and product development with manufacturing and logistics activities. You can save on time and expenses by having TECH O.E.M. do the full product development process with one supplier.
  • Key localization: TECH O.E.M.'s headquarters are located in central Taiwan, close to the Taiwanese bathroom and kitchen products cluster. That give as quick access to smaller suppliers, that can provide high quality, customized items. It's also only few hours away from China, making it possible to build business relationships in the Mainland. Also, TECH cooperates closely with offices located in the Ningbo area.

Our manufacturing capabilities are:

  • Casting
  • Forging
  • Injection Molding
  • Welding/ Soldering/ Brazing
  • Machining/Polishing
  • Finishing (Plating, Coating, PVD, Laser Stamping)


Quality Control Assurance

Quality Control Assurance

Quality is always the highest key requirement for any type of product we produce.  That’s why TECH O.E.M. makes it the most important protocol of the entire management process.   Tech O.E.M. uses strict quality control systems on each step of supply chain to make sure the quality is kept from the raw material to the shipment of the finished product. As an ISO 9001:2008 certified company we use procedures (SOPs) and reporting to make sure no steps are missed during the entire order process. We also maintain strict data and tracking systems for all of all our products and parts throughout the manufacturing and supply chain process. Using this data, we can quickly solve any potential problems, minimizing impact to our clients.


Products' 3D and 2D drawings

Confirmation of products design details, including packaging

Raw Materials

Choosing the right type of material (copper alloy) for the application

Purchasing good quality materials


Ownership of tooling and production molds

First samples batch for final confirmation with clients


Manufacturing in affiliated plants in Taiwan and China

In-process Control


Plating, incluging PVD plating capabilities

Polishing, Brushing, etc.

Other finishing processes

Pre-Shipment Control

In-house IAPMO certified laboratory

Life-cycle tests


Final quality control

Products' marking for traceability

Strong and safe packaging for shipment 



Close proximity to our partner manufacturers allows us to be control of the quality procedures at each step, including but not limited to physical inspection. We help the customer to understand what actions are taken at each step, making sure the product has the highest industry quality available.

Also, having in-house lab and experience quality control staff, we are capable of professional product quality testing and assessments. To verify our quality, we certify our products according to worldwide known standards, such as NSF, cUPC, WRAS, ACS, and others.