About Us

Of more than 40 years experiences in developing and providing cost-effective quality products and service, TECH O.E.M. offers a full range of machining capabilities for an array of brass alloys including compliant, lead-free alloys and DZR approved for potable water applications. We provide collaborative design and engineering services for original products or modifications to our current standard products. With a broad range of competence in forging, casting, machining, finishing, assembly, at self-owned facilities and in-house IAPMO certified Lab, we are confident to provide comprehensive solution to meet your goal of global program pursuit.

We understand that the market is ever changing and we change together with it, adapting to new standards and needs of our clients. We also want to contribute in protecting the environment by offering lead-free and water saving products.

CompanyOur core competencies:

  • In-house IAPMO certified lab
  • Research and Development
  • Use of lead-free and DZR copper alloys
  • Engineering capabilities
  • Four decades of experience
  • Network of associated manufacturers
  • Quality Control – Reliability
  • Supply Chain Management Services
  • Customer Service

The IAPMO certified in-house laboratory, advanced technology research and support center, and years of experience in joint programs with worldwide well known plumbing manufacturers, allows us to offer a broad range of plumbing products, OEM/ODM/DIY projects and manufacturing service to meet clients’ various procurement needs.

TECH O.E.M. has positioned itself to assist you in:

  • engineering and design of new products
  • improvements of existing products
  • Supplying you with customized OEM parts
  • Cost reducing (transaction cost, sourcing cost, product cost)
  • Assuring consistent quality of products by establishing own manufacturing operations.

TECH O.E.M. task is to support client with its expertise in valves and faucets' supply chain integration. Our 80,000 sq. ft. plant and R&D center is located in Taichung, is strategic location, near to the Taiwanese plumbing industry cluster, together with logistically convenient access to Chinese manufacturers.

TECH O.E.M. acts as your Product Manager, with on-site eyes and ears to assure beginning-to-end control of the production process and to assume total responsibility for the final result. Choosing us as your strategic partner for product development, sourcing, and plumbing products orders consolidation will enhance your company’s growth with TECH O.E.M.’s experience and profitable Supply Chain Management.